My parents built the 7th house in St Francis Bay.  Long before there was only one little store where we would hustle on a Saturday for the limited bread and rolls that were available.  And although the roads were made out of lime and salt there were never any potholes.

I grew up on the knee of the first estate agent in St Francis Bay so I learned a great deal about the business of rentals. Living here until 1980 when the lure of the big city lights drew me to Johannesburg.  I built a career as a bookkeeper and being a perfectionist, I fared really well.

Home always calls though and I was baptised by fire in 2015 when I worked for an estate agent over the holiday season and was responsible for sixteen houses with back-to-back rentals.  It was very challenging, but totally rewarding and I knew I had found my passion in life.

I have a creative eye and always make sure that the houses in my care have all that is required to have a relaxing and pleasant stay. I offer a top-notch service taking into consideration that you will receive value for your money, my attention to detail and my professionalism.

I am also conveniently available from 7am to 9pm, seven days a week.